Former Insurance Adjuster and Licensed Home Builder

Attorney McGough's Background Speaks For Itself 

Property Damage Claims- Serving all of Wisconsin 

Has the insurance company offered you less money than you need to repair or rebuild your business or home?  Maybe you played by the rules, solicited estimates from private contractors and submitted your damages to the insurance company.  But the insurance company raises issues about the "scope of coverage" and disputes the amounts of the estimates submitted by your contractor.  Now you are stuck.  This is when you may want to contact an attorney.  Someone who can quickly review your insurance policy and ascertain your "scope of coverage"; make a visit to the site and inspect and evaluate the damaged property; meet with your contractors and understand the construction language; review the estimates; identify any damages covered under the policy that may have been overlooked; suggest gathering more estimates if necessary; and making sure the insurance company is presented with a "proof of loss" that is clear, concise and covers all of your damages.

Should the insurance company deny your proof of loss, the next step is almost always appraisal.  The appraisal allows for a comparison of your proof of loss (estimated amount of damages) versus the insurance companies' estimate of the damages.  Many insurance policies direct the insured and the insurance company each hire their own appraiser.  If you have an attorney who handles property damage claims, there is a good chance you will be able to hire an appraiser that attorney is familiar with, someone unaffiliated with the insurance companies and impartial and fair.  

Would you feel more confident if you had an advocate on your side?