Insurance Adjusting Experience

   In 2011, when Hurricane Sandy pushed through the northeastern United States, Mr. McGough was back home in Alabama practicing law.  At the time he was shifting the focus of his legal practice from personal injury and criminal defense to construction law and insurance law (building damage claims).  As fortune goes, he was afforded the opportunity to work as an independent insurance adjuster handling flood claims for various NFIP insurers (National Flood Insurance Program; flood insurance is separate and distinct insurance from typical homeowners or business owners property insurance and will be discussed in more detail later in this section).  The opportunity was important because it gave Mr. McGough real-world experience.  That year he handled a hundred or more claims amounting to several million dollars.  He immersed himself in the role and it is proving to be an invaluable asset for his legal practice when representing insured's with their building damage claims.  Sometimes you have to take a few steps back before you can move forward.  

The Claims Process

   Wind, hail, lightning, floods, and fire.  Weather events, mechanical failures or other misfortune, the damage done to your home or business can be life-altering.  If you carry a homeowners policy or commercial business policy, the likelihood of your damages being covered by insurance are good.  However, in many cases, this is only the beginning of a long, stressful and often complicated process.      Typically the homeowner or business owner calls their insurance agent or claims department to report the claim and see how fast they can get help to begin the cleanup and rebuilding process.  In my experience as an attorney, contractor and former insurance claims adjuster, the insurance agent who sold you the policy can be your biggest help when dealing with a major damage claim.  A good agent will help explain the claims process and more importantly, explain any coverage issues that may arise in the adjustment of the claim.