If you are accused of a crime, you need a lawyer experienced in the field of criminal defense. He began his career taking indigent client cases in the Courts of Mobile, Alabama. After a few years Mr. McGough would handle 30 or more felony cases at any one time.

He has defended clients accused of driving under the influence, drug possession, white collar crime, domestic abuse, firearms violations, murder and federal drug trafficking conspiracies, to name a few. Over the course of his career Mr. McGough has tried more than 20 jury trials involving felony cases and more than 50 judge trials for various misdemeanors. He has written and submitted 10 or more appellate briefs in the Alabama Court of Appeals. He has argued motions, sentencing issues, probation revocations, bond issues and a host of other criminal defense matters. 

Motion Practice

Motion practice may be the most effective tool for a criminal defense attorney to level the playing field. Certain motions are effective for limiting or precluding the prosecution’s use of evidence before trial. Some common motions to limit or preclude evidence include; illegally obtained confessions, admissions against interest, tainted physical evidence, broken chain of custody, unreliable eyewitnesses, prior bad acts of a defendant and other prejudicial hearsay. 

Investigating the Facts

Equally important, and the precursor to a successful motion, is investigating the facts. From day one the attorney needs to speak with the client and gather as many facts as possible. Witnesses, physical evidence, video, etc., must be identified and tracked down. At each step the attorney needs to be thorough in his questioning, observations and research. Even when it seems like there are no winning facts, keep pushing. Sometimes it takes a second, third or even fourth look to realize you missed a detail. Details matter and details can win cases. 

Photo above: Courtroom inside the Richland County Courthouse in Richland Center, WI.
Photo above: Courtroom inside the Richland County Courthouse in Richland Center, WI.

Call an Attorney First

Before you speak with law enforcement or make a statement regarding a matter that could be criminal, call a lawyer. Remember, anything you say can be used against you. When you think you are helping yourself, you may be hurting yourself. An attorney’s help may be the difference between going home or going to jail. Don’t gamble with your freedom. 

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