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 What Type of Issues? 

  •  Filing liens on behalf of architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers.
  • Bringing claims on performance bonds. 
  • Litigating (plaintiff or defendant) breach of contract claims.
  • Defending construction-related professionals against claims of malpractice and negligence.
  • Representing homeowners or business owners when wronged by a contractor.

Who Do We Represent?  

   We represent a wide variety of clients. In the broadest sense, we provide legal representation to contractors, subcontractors, construction related professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors) as well as homeowners and business owners.   

The symbol for quality legal representation in construction related matters.
The symbol for quality legal representation in construction related matters.

Construction Experience


Mr. McGough grew up in the construction industry, spending the weekends on job sites learning from his father, a civil engineer and general contractor.  Before attending law school Mr. McGough worked in commercial building construction, civil construction (roads, bridges, underground utilities) and land surveying. For 5 years, he both practiced law and operated a residential construction company specializing in historic restorations. He held a state license as an Alabama Homebuilder. Mr. McGough has real-world experience in construction. 

Construction Law

Throughout his career, Mr. McGough has advised and consulted with construction companies on matters ranging from construction liens and breach of contract to defense for liability issues and negligence claims. Additionally, Mr. McGough has worked as a consultant to other attorneys involved in construction-related disputes and building damage insurance claims.   

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